Offer Customer Financing
Convert More Buyers

Offering customer financing to your customers can boost your sales, improve customer loyalty and build a repeat clientele. In fact, the average order size of a small business that offers customer financing can increase as much as 120%. And nearly two-thirds of customers make an additional future purchase of $500+ in stores they receive customer financing from.


Customer financing is designed to convert a browser into a buyer. It is targeted at potential customers who are on the fence about buying goods or services from your business because they are deterred by the ability to pay all at once. Getting your business signed up is easy. Get up to $3,500 upfront when your customer gets qualified – Your business gets funded in 2 business days!


​How Your Business Benefits

  • Global Check Funds You in 2-3 Business Days

  • Simple Approval Process

  • Sales DRAMATICALLY Increase!

  • Global Check Customizes the payment plan

  • Your Customers Can Get Themselves Approved

  • Marketing Materials Included


Customer Requirements

  • Currently Employed

  • Not in Check Systems

  • Valid Checking Account

  • Valid Driver’s License/State Issued or Military ID


Customer Benefits

  • No Hassles!

  • No FICO Score Credit Approval Needed!

  • Their Check Writing History Gets Them Approved!

  • Payments are Automatically Deducted From Their Account

  • They Get The Goods or Services Up Front and Pay with Terms as long as 12 Months!

  • Example of Customer Purchase & Payment Plan


Customer Example

  • Purchase Price $1,700

  • Down Payment Today: $304.70

  • 13 Payments: $117.50


Get Signed Up Now!

  • Download Your Application

  • Fill It Out Completely (Make sure to fill out the 2-page app completely & send back all documents requested.  See Instructions Below)

  • Email It Back To Us @ 

  • If You Have Questions - Text/Call Us @ 404-480-9453 

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