Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Debt Resolution

Updated: Apr 29

Attention #BusinessOwners

If you are struggling and have $50,000 or more in existing business loans or other unsecured debt we should schedule a time to discuss your situation to see what options I may be able to offer. We assist in reducing your existing payments 50% to 70% and through their program can strengthen your credit profile so that you can qualify for better financing in the future.


We specialize in restructuring and MODIFYING business debt with 100% payback to the lenders. (NOT A SETTLEMENT COMPANY) . Our partner has in-house counsel, and an excellent relationship with the MCA lenders, law firms and collections agencies. This world is their wheelhouse. Our partner uses their expertise and relationships to negotiate permanent new contracts with the existing lenders and cut merchant payments 50% to 70% to give them increased cash flow and room to breathe. The restructured contract and reduced payments include Attorney cost and fees. We assist you in getting out of daily payments by negotiating a permanent new reduced payment, debt to income ratio, which will strengthen their credit profile—by paying back 100% the debt is classified as paid in full.

We get lenders to offer principal reductions in many cases while negotiating but do not approach negotiations as a debt settlement to protect merchant and maintain positive relationships with the lending community.

This is NOT a lending product, but through this program, your business will be in a better position to obtain financing in the future. Our wheelhouse is the Merchant Cash Advance Loans, we can also work with Business Credit Cards and Vendor Debt.


  • $50,000 in unsecured debt

  • No FICO requirement

  • Business in financial hardship (does not have to be in default)

  • Sufficient cash flow to afford reduced payments toward debt.

Let's Get You Started!

Will Walker Direct: 404-480-9453

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